Other Facilities

Kids play area
happy evenings

There will be a fully monitored Kids Play Area with Day Care Facility for residents who would like to make avail of this facility. Parents can view the Day care area in real time through cameras installed in the Kids Play area right from their apartments. They will even be able to talk to or communicate directly with the kids or the staff attending the children.

Game room
snooker table

The Club houses a snooker table in the game room as part of the club facilities along with numerous other indoor games for children and adults alike.

Visitor car parking
Separate visitors car parking

Skymax Apartments houses visitor parking slots for the guests of the apartment residents who come to visit.

Drivers Dormitory
Separate drivers dormitory up to 24 drivers

We provide a Separate drivers dormitory up to 24 drivers with kitchen and bathroom

Servants Changing Room
Separate servants dress changing room with cupboards

A servant changing room is provided so that the servants can change their apparel when they come to work.

Online Website for residents
To manage maintenance remotely

We have planned to create a website which would enable an easy management of maintenance and all other remote access facilities with convenience. This site can also be used by the residents to have special access to keep up with all activities happening at Skymax.

Broadband Internet
Complete network for Homes

For Automation capability all apartments are connected to the internet from a central server.

Automatic shoe polisihing
for those who go to office

As another matter of convenience, an automatic shoe polishing machine is provided at the reception for those in a hurry.

Generator Backup
For full apartment building

We are providing a 24 Hour Generator backup with additional support for solar panels and windmills.

Visitiors apartment
Separate suite room facility for staying guests

If you have visitors you would like to accommodate for a few days, a fully furnished and air-conditioned visitors apartment is specifically prepared for the visitors of the apartment.

On call maintenance
for electrical and plumbing needs

We provide on-call Apartment Maintenance personals for electrical and plumbing needs.

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