Eco Friendly

Nature friendly construction
Nature friendly construction designed to reduce building heat

The apartments are designed in such a way as to allow maximum inflow of light and passage of air through large balconies and wide rooms. It even brings down the heat content of the room thereby making it a comfortable home.

Clean water facility
Natural well water with additional supply.

Ultima is very happy to show spotlight on the availability of natural clean well water in the vicinity of the project. Fresh, natural well water is available throughout the year. There will be two bore wells in addition to this. Water supply from the corporation will also be provided. The inmates of Skymax can be reassured of the plentiful availability of water at all times.

Windmill installation
24 hours building power

In order to support the energy requirements of the building’s common area, Ultima builders have installed a 7kw windmill which uses wind, a renewable source of energy, producing no harmful by-products. The kinetic force of the wind rotates the blades of the windmill, thereby producing electricity which can then be stored in batteries. The feasibility of connecting to a Grid system is also being considered. This will enable excessive energy to be given to the grid and later energy can also be taken from the grid according to need.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels for day time energy savings with battery backup for night.

Kochi gets plenty of sunshine for most part of the year. If this energy can be absorbed through solar panels, stored in batteries and used later to produce electricity, huge savings can be made. With this in mind, 15KW solar panels are installed on the rooftop of Skymax which will be used for providing electricity to the common area.

Rain Water Harvesting
Saving Water for future use

In a state like Kerala where it rains continuously for a few months every year, it is wise to use this resource effectively. We have a rain water harvesting facility which is used to collect additional rain water. This can be stored and used when required.

Energy saving technology
Motion sensor lighting of common area

We have installed motion sensor lighting in our common areas with a lot of forethought as this is effective in saving electricity and also not expensive to maintain.

Natural waste treatment
for handling food waste and dry waste

We have in place a very effective system where the garbage food waste and dry waste is separately handled in a way that they can be independently treated or recycled in the most Eco-friendly way.

Sewage recycling
All Sewage waste water is Recycled and the recycled waste water is used for watering plants.

It is quite important that we treat all the waste water produced as a part of household waste as we don’t want this mixing with our well water or contaminating underground water. Hence we take precaution by removing contaminants and treating all water that comes out of the kitchens or bathrooms to produce environmentally safe treated waste water

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