Luxury amenities

Reception Lobby
Hotel Style Reception with Lounge Music

The Ultima Skymax will have a smart Reception area manned by a receptionist and with complete intercom connectivity to each apartment so that your needs can be handled in style. Residents from every apartment can utilize this facility as the reception desk will hold all major and emergency contacts.

Reception and security connectivity
Talk to reception and security gate

Residents can view and Talk to reception and security gate from their apartments.

Indoor Swimming pool
indoor swimming pool and kids pool with steam bath

The apartment benefits from its own private swimming pool and kids pool with steam bath.

Multi-purpose Gymnasium
Power gym and and treadmill.

A multi Gym is provided for the Apartment residents which can be accessed using the card system.

Steam bath facility
for health living

We provide a steam bath facility adjacent to the Swimming pool.

Easy car wash area
separate car washing facility

The building provides a car wash area with basic car wash facilities that allow you to wash your car with convenience.

Luxury Canopy hall
Tensile roofing and Barbecue corner

Party hall built using tensile canopy sheets and barbecue area.

Luxury common area
false ceiling with motion sensor

All common area come with False ceiling, motion sensor, premium lighting and lounge music.

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